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From Battles to Ballots - A Century of Struggle for Women’s Suffrage

In From Battles to Ballots, The Pennyroyal Players pay musical tribute to the 27 “Radical Women” who dared to fight for their rights – for freedom and to vote. We begin in 1591 in England and we end in Tennessee in 1920 with the final ratification of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, providing all women the right to vote. In this fast- paced musical portrayal of the battles which were fought for freedom and equality, you will learn of the struggles, tragedies, and victories these heroic women faced every step of the way. Our story is told with humor and our historically accurate songs, based on familiar melodies, will entertain and amuse you. (This production was created by Anne Destabelle and is suitable for all ages.)

Piecin’ It Together

In this program, The Pennyroyal Players travel from Vermont to California, bringing lively and touching musical portraits about those who settled the American West. Told in the voices of the actual women invloved and with a great deal of humor, Piecin’ It Together reveals through story and song, the hardships of the pioneering life which was endured by men, women and children. Our stories unfold through 16 lovely, especially designed quilt blocks and 10 full size quilts, which are all displayed on stage. (This production was created by Anne Destabelle and is suitable for all ages.)

Pennyroyal’s Romp Through the American Revolution

Count on The Pennyroyals to be able to take you on a musical romp through the Revolutionary War - in just about 35 minutes! Our program will take you to the Boston Massacre, the opening firing shot of the Revolution, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the glorious victory over the British, and finally the signing of the treaty of peace. At every step, The Pennyroyal Players sing their way with humor and sadness, with original songs, stories, and letters from the long battle for American Independence. Written from the point of view of women of the Revolution and the colonists themselves (and sometimes the British!), this program also features authentic dances by Liz Cantine. (This production was created by Anne Destabelle and Ann Ehrenclou and is suitable for all ages.)

Pennyroyal’s Songs and Stories of the Life of Stephen Foster

Stephen Foster’s lyrics and melodies are as meaningful and relevant today as they were during the height of his popularity just before the Civil War. Come and enjoy them with us!

In this program devoted to the stunning songs and the little-known stories of the life of Stephen Foster, The Pennyroyal Players pay a moving tribute to the father of American music and America’s first great songwriter.

You’ll want to sing along to such beautiful and moving melodies as Beautiful Dreamer or Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair, or the immortal Old Black Joe. My Old Kentucky Home is the state song of Kentucky, sung annually at the Kentucky Derby. Old Folks At Home (Swanee River) is the official state song of Florida. Enjoy artistic dancing on some songs by Liz Cantine. (This production was created by Anne Destabelle and is suitable for all ages.)

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day With the Pennyroyals

Sing with us these beloved traditional Irish songs and sea chanteys. You will laugh at our many Irish limericks and short poems and you’ll want to dance along with Liz Cantine’s lively and very graceful Irish dancing. (This production is suitable for all ages.)

Pennyroyal’s Patriotic Tribute to Our Country

This singalong program is suitable for all occasions and all ages. We invite you to join us in singing along to America’s favorites and also to learn the history behind the songs themselves. We also offer several patriotic songs of other nations which you’ll recognize. Audiences enjoy this program for Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Presidents’ Day, Veterans Day, Election Day and any time of year! Enjoy dancing by Liz Cantine. We are often joined by Dawn Curry on flute. (This production is suitable for all ages.)

Pennyroyal’s Songs of Love and Other Predicaments

Laugh and Love along with the Pennyroyals in our tribute to love itself and its “complications.” We’sll sing folk songs, ballads, Country Western, songs made famous by Sinatra and Garland and others. We KNOW you will want to sing along to old favorites in our treasured collection. (This production is suitable for all ages.)

Pennyroyal ’s Fiesta – Songs of the Southwest

We offer a collection of songs to celebrate the Cinco de Mayo holiday – or any time of year. Our program features numerous well-known folk songs and Latin favorites, as well as a few surprises. (This production is suitable for all ages).

Pennyroyal Players’ Holiday Singalong

We offer our acclaimed award winning holiday singalong featuring songs of Christmas, Hanukkah and popular melodies beloved the whole world over. We are often joined by Dawn Curry on flute for this production.