Pennyroyal Players
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CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PENNYROYALS! We have just been awarded City of Torrance’s Excellence in Music Award for 2017!

We have performed over 1000 times since we began in 2003.

Our original production, “PIECIN’ IT TOGETHER,” features a multi-woman show offering singing and story-telling, with well-known melodies from Anne Destabelle’s 1960’s folk-music days. You will also hear our original theme song, Piece By Piece, written by Gay Durward.

All performances have appeal to all ages, with men, women, young adults and children enjoying them equally. We have performed for the 160 men of the Palos Verdes Breakfast Club -- to a standing ovation! We have performed for women’s clubs, churches, charities, universities, museums and groups who enjoy being entertained and also being educated about our magnificent American historical experience.

In addition to PIECIN’ IT TOGETHER, we offer 6 other productions. Please visit our home page to see our offerings.

We have performed three times for the Palos Verdes prestigious and very beautiful Wayfarers Chapel (to sell-out crowds) and also for many Banning Museum events.

We have brought our performances to school groups, from elementary to high school, tailoring them to meet needs of specific audiences.

Our sixteen beautiful quilts were sewn for us by Nancy Veits and her “Sew What” Red Hatters, a Palos Verdes chapter of the Red Hats. Other quilts were donated by audience members along the way and we feature a magnificent collection of twelve of them in addition to the sixteen used in our performance itself.

We have performed for the last five years for the Idyllwild Lemon Lily Festival from 2012 through 2016.

We perform from Ventura to San Diego. We’ve been featured at the historic church in Oxnard Heritage Square. We have been featured at Marymount College, at Walk on the Wild Side, and at the Palos Verdes Interpretive Center, and country clubs for private events.

We ask only donations for the production. We have donated over $150,000 to our charities. All of our donations are directed to specific charities including Los Cancioneros for music scholarships and summer science camperships to 7th grade Wilmington area girls through American Association of University Women. Please click OUR CHARITIES tab for a detailed list of all of our charities. Some groups have used us as fundraisers for their organizations. We are always eager to help.

The programs run from thirty minutes to an hour, depending on audience needs. You'll find humor and a range of many emotions all our productions.

In October 2017, the Penny Royal Players received the “Excellence in Arts” award for music from the Torrance Cultural Arts Commission.

Please call Anne at 310-541-8469 or email Anne if you need more information.